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Tantric orgasm: what is the difference with an ordinary orgasm

Unlike a traditional orgasm, the tantric orgasm travels the entire body and can be triggered without even ejaculation or penetration. It is more of an explosion of the senses of the whole body than a localized orgasm in the pelvis. This is the principle of Tantrism: we no longer speak of a sexual act but of discovery of the senses together. Thus, during a sexual relationship inspired by tantrism, fellatio, cunnilingus and penetration are no longer essential elements to reach 7th heaven.

But then what do we do? We caress and massage the body of our partner as a whole and we no longer put everything on the erogenous zones ... The hands, calves, feet, back, shoulders and even the face: it is the whole of the body that needs to be stimulated and not just the breasts, buttocks or genitals.

Forget the G-spot and the clitoris, they are not more important than the arm or the neck ... Indeed, the goal of Tantrism (in the sexual sense of the term) is the union and the fusion of the couple. Making love in an approach inspired by Tantrism comes down to listening to your body and that of your partner, while slowing the moment of orgasm. Each of the partners must let themselves be carried away by the pleasure, without seeking to provoke the orgasm that one then even tends to forget. The idea is then to just take advantage of this fusion with your partner, this slow and gradual rise in desire and pleasure. The energy of one is transmitted to the other and vice versa in a total, slow and unapologetic fusion of the couple.

Unlike a normal sexual intercourse where one seeks to increase the pleasure as quickly as possible by stimulating the erogenous zones, the watchword of tantrism is: take your time! So forget the orgasm caused by a "coming and going" or by stimulation of the clitoris ... the tantric orgasm vibrates the whole body, from head to toe and it is the body as a whole that is transcended. An orgasm that can be reached without even having penetration or ejaculation.

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