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I tested for you ... an energetic massage

Inspired by traditional Indian and Chinese medicines, the energy massage aims to harmonize body and mind. Our reporter tested it for you.

Massages, I love it. So when I was offered to try an “energy massage”, I signed up straight away. The promise ? A boost of energy, a harmonized body, a more serene mind ... And a real moment of relaxation. The dream !

On D-Day, Catherine Dalquier, energy specialist, welcomes me in her office. Immediately, we are immersed in the atmosphere: the light is soft, the music, zen, and it smells of essential oils. “I make the patient feel confident,” confirms the practitioner. This is essential to start work. In the middle of the room sits a massage bed, on which I sit, on my back and in my underwear. Catherine covers me with a modest sheet, I appreciate the gesture.

Reading the aura

Leaning over me, the practitioner closes her eyes, and passes her hands a few inches above my body. "I'm looking for snags in the aura," she explains to me. The aura? An egg-shaped energy envelope that surrounds our body, vibrates constantly, and would be very sensitive to our emotions.

“Some people can perceive the chakras,” adds Catherine. This is the case for energy companies. By concentrating, they can touch the electromagnetic field, and identify any deformations (bumps, hollows) of it. "

At first skeptical, I am completely amazed when Catherine tells me that I am suffering from an "emotional cyst". A betrayal, according to her. Without going into details, we can say that she is not wrong ...

“Once we have spotted the snags, we will encourage the body to harmonize. Like a cleaning, in fact. This new stage remains a little obscure to my neophyte eyes: the energetician drives out the air above me, and my skin begins to tingle. Normally, my body should be ready to move forward ... To see!

Along the meridians

Make way for practical work! Catherine chooses for me an essential oil of blue spruce, which she describes as "luminous and conducive to communication".

“Energy specialists consider the body to be an open book,” she explains to me. Our bodies keep track of all the significant events that have taken place in our lifetimes - and sometimes, even, in the lives of our ancestors. In addition, it can also signal to us a psychological problem in a physical way. " I ask to see !

The massage begins with the upper body - my head, in this case. Immediately, the practitioner spots my scars, vestiges of an old operation. “There is a lot of work at this level,” she explains to me. I feel that the body has not digested well. Through the massage, I will encourage him to overcome this painful episode. "

Because an energetic massage is also that: forgiveness, affection, gentleness. Through the manipulations, the practitioner "absorbs" the suffering that the body has accumulated, and instead diffuses a positive energy, which reconciles the body and the mind.

As for the sensations, it's weird without being unpleasant. I feel successively heavy, soft, tense ... then lively and full of energy. One thing is certain: I am not bored for a second and I feel that it works!

The massage, sometimes gentle, sometimes firmer, continues along the acupuncture meridians. Arrived at my left knee, Catherine stops. “This is the area that corresponds to mother-daughter relationships. Tensions with your mom? " And how ! That's it, I know the cause of my unexpected and inexplicable pain.

Three quarters of an hour later, it's over. I, who am permanently tense, feel surprisingly relaxed. My back pain is gone, and I'm light-headed. In fact, I feel like I'm "in tune" with myself: a delicious feeling.

Who is it for ?

“Everyone can benefit from an energetic massage,” says Catherine Dalquier. Adults, children, babies, and even pregnant women, for whom essential oils are only used in very small quantities. "

If you have recurrent pain somewhere, or a pathology that regularly returns inexplicably (eczema, otitis, herpes ...), the solution may be energetic.

In addition, energy massage is also an effective support therapy in the context of heavy treatments, for example chemotherapy. “I worked with a patient who was in chemo. Through massages, we reduced the side effects of the treatment, especially vomiting. "

The practitioner also recommends an energy massage to people who are going to have an operation, or who have just had an operation. “It is about helping the body to better overcome the surgical act, in particular to help healing and limit the risk of infections. "

What contraindications?

If the energy massage can be taxing for the practitioner (who will “absorb” the suffering of the body), it is generally safe for the person being massaged.

We will still advise people who are very weak (physically and / or psychologically), carrying a pacemaker or suffering from a psychiatric illness to take advice from their general practitioner before starting.

Finally, for people who have had a stroke: wait at least 2 weeks before going to an energy specialist.

Article from the magazine Femme Actuelle

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