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Nuru massage? But what could it possibly be?

Nuru massage is first of all a Japanese practice. And as its name suggests, it is a massage technique; but not just any massage, because it can easily be classified in the category of erotic massages. For what ? Because it is done completely naked: whether on the side of the massage recipient or on the side of the masseuse (or the masseur). How ? By a “gliding” system. In order to better understand the method, some explanations are necessary. In particular on the progress of the session, the essential “tools” for the session and finally the place where to practice it.

How does the nuru massage work?

Unlike conventional methods, it will not only be a question of using the hands: the whole body is involved. The atmosphere during a session will therefore be imbued with extreme sensuality and total letting go. Especially since the protagonists, masseur (or masseuse) and massaged person, are in the simplest apparatus. But before any contact, you will have to set the scene. The best is to practice the massage in a quiet place, with soft light and preferably with background music that invites you to relax and unwind. Then, you will have to take a shower so that the gel (essential for massage) can fulfill its role.

What accessories should I get?

For this massage, the only real essential is nuru gel . Let's discover together the steps in preparing nuru gel : based on nori seaweed, this product is quite easily found on the internet. It can come in different forms: gel, concentrate or powder to be diluted in hot water. For the final “consistencies”, having a bamboo bowl can be useful. It will allow easy mixing without spilling. Once the product is ready, the person administering the massage will coat themselves and the person being massaged with it. It is only afterwards that the term “nuru”, literally meaning “slip”, will take on its full meaning. In fact, the massage will consist of sliding over the massaged person using all parts of their body (hands, chest, stomach, thigh, etc.).

For a session at home, it would be wiser to purchase bed “protectors” such as covers and pillowcases. If you really want to do something "practical", the best thing is to get an inflatable bed to place directly on the ground and, incidentally, an electric inflator.

Where to get a nuru massage?

The massage parlor offers massage and comfort without having to worry about the small details of the preparations. To find one, the internet is a mine of information. But this option does not prevent you from having a session at home. A moment of complicity as a couple after viewing massage techniques on the web or by calling on a professional, the nuru massage remains a moment of erotic relaxation which has the gift of awakening the senses.

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