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Tantra massage: how does a tantric massage take place at L’Atelier?

Are you interested in tantra but don't know where to start? Tantric massages can help you eroticize your sex life and discover new pleasures as a couple. Find out what tantra massages are for, how they work and their benefits.

What is tantrism? The term tantrism brings together a set of dogmas, rituals, texts and practices centered around spirituality, which have strongly influenced the Hindu and Buddhist religions. This school of thought considers that sexuality can lead to a form of ecstasy, both physical and spiritual. Sex is seen as a sacred thing, which can lead to a transcendent state. To achieve this, it is necessary to resort to sexual practices and rites, of which tantric massages (or tantra) are a part. These sacred sexuality practices guide individuals towards a powerful sensory experience, where the physical body blends with the psychic to become one. Thus, with tantrism, the body becomes eroticized and becomes the support for orgasmic sensations. Like meditation, this form of sacred sexuality is seen as a deep personal experience, accessible to all through inner work.

What does a tantra massage consist of? Tantric massages can be one of the ways to integrate tantrism into your relationship in a simple and progressive way. They allow you to awaken the senses and awaken new or unexplored sensations. Tantric massage is a sensual and passionate exchange between the two partners, which is practiced in a suitable setting. It is practiced naked, using hot massage oil. A massage that is intended to be tantric will be felt more in its intention and in the erotic intensity of the gestures. Finally, the idea is to stimulate your partner's whole body in different ways, using slow and subtle gestures.

How are you received at L'Atelier de Menin Tantric massage requires a minimum of preparation, particularly regarding the setting in which it will take place. Arriving at L'Atelier, which I knew by reputation, I was greeted with great sympathy by Franck the manager and the reserved Tantrika... Carla that day..

I am placed in an uncluttered, clean and orderly room. Nothing disturbs the sensual atmosphere and the carnal atmosphere of the moment. Candles, incense, dimmed lights with magnificent music in the background. The idea is that the person who is going to be massaged is as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Comfortably installed on a futon, Carla gives me some instructions and explanations on the reciprocal side of Tantra.

How a tantric massage takes place

I took 2 hours, in this case the massage begins standing up.... a long look, a breath and she takes me in her arms with tenderness, a few swings and moves back a few centimeters leaving room for touch.. she covers me with hot oil and the unreal journey is underway.

Once I have massaged my whole body I am invited to do the same, sharing is perfect.

The movements are precise during the massage. Tantric massage is part of a global way of thinking. However, some parameters must be taken into account, such as the fact that the whole body is stimulated, and not just the back for example. Every part of the body is seen as an erogenous zone and must be considered and touched. Likewise, the more intense and varied the movements (strong, slow, then lighter at times), the stronger the exchange between the two partners will be. Tantra massage remains a massage above all imbued with love, tenderness and passion. It is not done solely with the aim of sexually arousing one's partner. It is seen as a passionate exchange that combines eroticism, spirituality and pleasure of the senses.

The benefits of tantra massages Tantra massage allows you to refocus on your sexual energy and awaken your senses. In a couple, it can help strengthen the passion and the bond that unites you by discovering other forms of bodily and carnal pleasure as a couple. Likewise, thanks to its spiritual dimension, tantra allows us to consider the relationship with the body in another way and to associate physical pleasure with mental awakening. If you want to evolve in your relationship and experience new things in your relationship to sex, tantra can allow you to approach your sexuality differently. Finally, as with “classic” massages, tantra massages help relax the person receiving it and relax their entire body.

End of massage

Here is this rare and fabulous moment finished... Carla explains to me the benefits which will be felt for days or even weeks. I am accompanied to resume my shower and join the shop just after where Franck takes the time necessary to explain to me the 3 hour Tantric massage that I would try next time.

I will never forget this moment and will return to it quickly.

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