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Tantric massage: 10 benefits for all couples

Tantric massage therapy is a revolutionary form of bodywork that was developed as an antidote to the conventional problems that plague many people today. The beneficial aspects are numerous, but it is especially recognized as a deep healing instrument and renowned for its ability to eliminate sexual and energy blockages.

The art of Tantra has been practiced for over 9000 years. Its origins can be traced back to the Himalayan mountains of India, where religious leaders believed that sexual ritual was the path to a higher form of ecstasy and liberation.

Tantric massage today takes the teachings of Tantra and translates them into a full bodily experience. A traditional massage is enhanced by the incorporation of breathing exercises and genital stimulation.

It is a way of awakening your whole being at all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual.

What we will cover


Every human being has blockages, the root cause of which can vary from person to person. Some speculate that the blockages stem from some degree of trauma or an extremely stressful past experience, and while this can be a source, it probably isn't the only one. Blockages can also come from daily and routine habits.

Our experiences or actions do not immediately leave an imprint, it can take time. However, the more we repeat a certain pattern or behavior, the more we create a kind of "seed" that can develop in our physical and energetic structures.

The more we nourish this "seed", consciously or unconsciously through our actions, the more it grows and takes us away from who we are. Its inner manifestation becomes an outer projection.

If the seed is negative or harmful in nature, we can start to experience various problems like health problems, emotional instabilities, depression, anxiety, mental confusion, dissatisfaction in life, sexual dysfunction and even more.

But it is very rare to make the connection of such things with a habit of our daily life: this is called a blockage.


Nowadays, spirituality is present in all areas and is an integral part of everyday life. Thus, it is quite possible to reconcile spirituality in sex with tantric massage. Practice still little known by many people.

Tantra or tantrism is made up of two Sanskrit words which are "tanoti" which means expansion and "trayati" for liberation. Tantra is thus defined as the science of the expansion of consciousness and the liberation of the mind.

It has always existed in rustic type paintings, Hebrew texts, Arabic songs, etc. It made its advent in India around the year 500 when it was openly practiced. Thus, over the course of the evolution of the world, a tantra specific to Buddhism developed before experiencing a boom in countries such as Japan, Tibet, etc.

In general, it is a term that groups together rituals, dogmas or texts revolving around spirituality.


Tantra massage is above all a form of meditation that applies to the whole body. The ultimate goal is to stimulate self-knowledge. It truly serves to awaken life energy, act in your emotional realm, and help you connect with your own pleasure. Thus, you can easily awaken the various senses and above all awaken new sensations unexplored in the past in a person.

In addition, the bodily stimuli caused by tantra massage allow you to develop the therapeutic side of pleasure. You get to know your body better while significantly boosting your libido. It offers a different conception of the relationship to the body thanks to its spiritual dimension and, like any other massage, provides maximum relaxation.

Tantra massage has a unique effect and cannot be compared to any other form of massage therapy. It comes from the tradition of Tantra, a complete and spiritual system which is defined by science and the laws of energy.

Therefore, tantric massage is a sophisticated form of massage that incorporates the use of energy, that of the therapist administering the massage as well as a specific type of powerful energy that is innate in all of us, our sexual energy.

The ancient Tantrics studied energy in the same way that contemporary scientists approach science with hypotheses. What they discovered is that energy is the lifeblood of our universe and that there are many more of it.

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