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Tantric massage, shall we try?

For the Liège sex therapist Sabrina Bauwens, tantric massage is not just an erotic act. It is above all a "therapeutic journey".

Tantric massage suffers from many negative images. And yet, this massage that is received naked would be a good way to let go and reconnect with yourself. "Despite its sensual connotation and false practices bordering on prostitution, tantric massage is far from being just an erotic massage," corrects Sabrina Bauwens. "It is a practice that allows you to feel better in your body, which can be beneficial for your sexuality but especially for your personal life."

What is that ?

Depending on the meaning assigned to it, tantric massage has different definitions. For Sabrina Bauwens, tantra is “a philosophy dating back around 7,000 years, originating in the Himalayan-Indian region. He has ties to Taoism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Above all, he advocates an awakening and a state of plenitude achieved through the union of female and male polarities and work on the chakras, these seven energy points located in the human body. This is what will circulate the energy in the body. And in tantra, energy is sexual energy. One of the many goals of tantric massage is to unblock this energy so that it rises up the spine to the head, so that the whole body can benefit. "

A tantric massage lasts approximately 1h30. “It is most often done in oil, tantric massage is given naked: the entire body is massaged, from head to toe. Sex is integrated into the massage. It is not massaged more or less than any other part of the body. In Tantric philosophy, all parts of the body are sacred. Sex is not taboo. However, there is no obligation: it is quite possible to receive a tantric massage while being partially naked, with the sex covered. As in any massage, we work on the emotional through the body.

It is not uncommon to see people cry, to feel sensations of intense heat, tingling ... We wake up to something else, we let go. Tantric massage can be seen as an inner journey. "This is among other things what distinguishes this massage from romantic preliminaries, which are in essence the meeting of two beings. Tantric massage is an opportunity to experience in oneself the marriage between its feminine and masculine polarities, to merge his yin and his yang. ”

Sensual rather than sexual

“The sex parts are part of the massage, but there is no focus on sexual pleasure. This massage is not intended to give you an orgasm. Tantric massage has a therapeutic aspect because it allows you to unblock emotions and feelings. As an extension of sex therapy, it can work on libido disorders, orgasm disorders, premature ejaculation, or other blockages, complex with the body. Even in extreme cases such as rape, incest or sexual / psychological violence, it allows you to re-tame your body little by little. Touch is one of the five most important senses, and we cannot neglect it. "

The couple specialist adds that there is “a second type of tantric massage, or rather an evolution. This is done completely naked, both for the person and for the practitioner. This will massage your whole body gradually with warm (odorless) oil. It is carried out on a futon and tatami, as is the Hindu tradition. The practitioner will massage you with her entire body. Gradually with her fingers, her hands, her feet, her breasts, her buttocks… Soft and strong at the same time, like a dance that will carry you away. What makes tantric massage so different is that it awakens your own sensuality. Remember once again, sexual intercourse or other forms of penetration are prohibited. ”

Find out more. For further information or addresses in Liège, you can contact Sabrina Bauwens via her website

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