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What is tantric massage for women?

Tantric massage for women: what are the benefits according to a sex therapist?

Among the many well-being massages available today, one massage is increasingly popular in France, particularly among women, and that is tantric massage . Quite simply because this massage is different. And it brings many very profound benefits, on a bodily, emotional, relational and energetic level.

This massage (also called Kashmiri) is characterized by its sensual side , its gentleness and its slowness. It is given to the entire body (naked or in underwear) and allows you to reconnect in depth with your body. It awakens your senses, releases your vital energy, offers you new sensations, energizes your sexuality, etc. It is a very complete massage , particularly recommended for people who are a lot in their heads and little in their bodily feelings, who want to learn to let go . Or reconcile with their physique.

What is tantric massage for women?

Here is what Jeanne D., recognized sex therapist, answered when I asked her about tantric massages for the female public:

“Tantric massage comes from the philosophy of tantrism, born more than 5000 years ago. It is much more than a relaxation technique, it is a wonderful experience of awakening the senses and reconnecting with oneself. A great inner journey that brings you a new awareness of who you really are! A release of your vital energy, through a rebalancing of the chakras.

For many years, it was mainly men who indulged in these sessions, as they are naturally more comfortable with touch and nudity. But today, more and more women are letting themselves be tempted by the experience, because they too want to benefit from its many benefits for the body and mind! As an expert in sex therapy, I understand them perfectly! And I highly recommend it to my patients, in many situations. I will return to this below.

Tantra (or Kashmiri) massage is characterized in particular by the following elements:

  • it is a naturist massage: the person being massaged is naked (or in underwear if they wish and wish to go very gradually - in this case, they must discuss it beforehand with the practitioner)

  • integral : all parts of the body are massaged, without exception, with gentleness, kindness, love and delicacy but without the intention of creating sexual excitement (it is therefore not at all an erotic massage, as we sometimes hear, even if the yoni and breasts can be massaged!)

  • relaxing : both yin and yang, this massage is extremely pleasant to receive, it dissolves bodily tension and creates a feeling of general well-being

  • intuitive : the one who massages does not respect a strict technical protocol, but follows their intuition to offer you the treatment best suited to your emotions and sensations, in the moment

  • holistic : it affects all dimensions of your being i.e. bodily, mental, emotional and spiritual

  • sensual : its touch is very gentle and marked by a great variety in rhythms and gestures (touching, sliding, caressing, undulating, etc.)

  • energetic : it releases the vital energy, stored in your pelvis, to diffuse it throughout the body and rebalances your chakras and your feminine and masculine polarities.

More intimate than a classic well-being and relaxation massage, it constitutes a real journey of self-discovery , all in delicacy. It takes place either on a table or on the floor on a futon . And is in principle given by a practitioner of the opposite sex (according to the ancient philosophy of tantra), because this makes it possible to maximize the work of energetic rebalancing, thanks to the complementarity of the masculine and feminine polarities.

As a woman, being massaged by a male masseur (rather than by a masseuse) in a professional context is extremely beneficial for various reasons which I will detail. And as a couple, the practice of tantra massage is obviously also strongly recommended to open both partners to another form of sexuality. More conscious, softer, slower, deeper, more feminine!

The benefits of tantric massage for women

Why do a tantric massage ? Receiving such a massage brings many benefits to you, as a woman, given its particular characteristics:

  • firstly a deep relaxation and an extraordinary opportunity to let go , which is often something complicated when you are female

  • a new awareness of your body envelope, its contours, its tensions, its most sensitive areas,…

  • a deeper connection to your body and your bodily sensations (sometimes buried within you for a long time, for different reasons)

  • a different relationship with your physique (which will help you make peace with it, if you currently suffer from a negative self-image)

  • better anchoring, therefore more confidence in your relationships with men (especially with your partner)

  • an awakening of your sensuality and your inner power: through this treatment, your sacred feminine awakens and you find your true nature

  • a feeling of joy and inner peace

  • ….

These treatments contribute to your radiance. They allow you to perceive yourself differently , to love yourself and to take greater responsibility for yourself , without waiting for approval from the outside world. To be more connected to who you really are too, and therefore, to assert yourself in front of men, which is very important for couples.

Tantric practice will particularly benefit you enormously if you are currently suffering from certain difficulties in your intimacy and sexuality:

  • complicated relationship with your physique (complexes, fears, not comfortable, etc.)

  • afraid of being touched

  • lack of bodily sensations in your sexuality

  • lack of sexual pleasure: this is a very effective technique to boost your libido naturally as a woman

  • blockages linked to nudity or sexuality in general

  • etc.

In the feedback that I receive from my patients as a sex therapist, they place a lot of emphasis on the (re) connection with themselves that tantra massage gives them. By being touched fairly and lovingly (especially on the breasts and yoni), the natural feminine side can truly relax. And they can find confidence in their body, open up to their sensations, without any fear. It is in some ways a “reprogramming of pleasure” which gradually takes place through these sessions, when they are carried out with the heart, by the person doing the massage.

This is all the more important if they have suffered abuse, criticism about their appearance or had the feeling of being an object in the eyes of unattentive partners in the past. The caring touch of the masseur helps them dissolve the emotional blockages buried within them and free them from the (sometimes heavy) weights they were carrying, to (re)gain physical self-confidence .

In summary, for me, this type of massages and tantric rituals help women to feel better in their bodies and more fulfilled in their sexual lives . I highly recommend them in the context of sex therapy, as do more and more fellow therapists and psychologists around the world. And also to anyone who wants to know themselves better, reveal their full potential and/or liberate themselves sexually! Therefore, ladies, if you are in Nice or in the region, I strongly encourage you to go for a session at Vincent's. And if you are based further away, why not consider an individual tantra course with him? His approach is really very interesting!

I will end by quoting one of my patients who recently told me: all women should be touched and caressed at least once in this way, during their life! It's so true! »

Let's talk about the practical side. What should you do in practice if you want to take advantage of a session?

Tantric massage: the procedure

In practice, the course of the massage depends on the context in which you receive it. Privately , within your couple, it constitutes an extremely effective and very pleasant tool in terms of “foreplay”. But for it to be very appreciated by your companion and to produce all its effects, it must not be limited to a set of improvised caresses in all directions. To give a massage hyper sensual, there are certain codes to respect, here are some of the main ones:

  • favor slowness: it may seem counterintuitive, but the softer your touch, the more intense feelings it produces

  • be 100% present in what you are doing: more than your technique, it is the love in your hands and your heart that the massage recipient must feel

  • trust your instinct: connect to the energy in your hands and follow your feelings

  • have fun: don't put pressure on yourself

  • create a great bond with the person receiving, because they must be as open as possible to let go

  • etc.

In a professional setting , you must be very attentive to the choice of the practitioner who will give you the session. You must have a good feeling with him. I talk about this in my article: how to go for a tantric massage with complete confidence ? This is particularly important when you are a woman and you choose a male practitioner, given the intimate nature of this practice!

In the age-old logic of Tantrism, it is advisable to be massaged by someone of the opposite sex, to derive the greatest benefit from the complementarity of yin and yang energies.

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