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What is TAO massage

A massage to stay healthy or find it again:

The effects of tao massage vary depending on the motivation and inner attitude of the recipient, as the recipient fully participates in the process.

They are multiple: relaxations, pleasures, energies, emotional liberation, better self-knowledge, relational development, spiritual openness. The donor's state of being is very important and requires anchoring and centering at the level of the heart.

The Taoist massage is designed to promote relaxation and a good circulation of energies, promotes serenity and allows everyone to experience their sexuality in a completely satisfactory way, this massage unifies the body and the mind, and then allows to benefit from that feeling of fullness during intercourse. The level of consciousness is modified as a result.

As life energy flows through the body, it transforms into other types of energy, including spiritual energy.

In Taoist medicine, Ching Chi, that is, sexual energy, is the fundamental form of energy in the body and the source of all of your vitality. By clearing the path she follows through massage, you can reactivate this subtle circulation of chi through the channels. You are actually using your sexual energy as a medicinal elixir that allows you to heal and experience greater well-being.

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