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Which stone to attract love?

Do you want to boost your love life with lithotherapy? As a couple or single, discover which stones can help you find love or maintain love in your life as a couple.


  • The lithotherapy of love

Do you want to put all the chances on your side to find love? There's no secret: you have to be ready to meet new people, whether by going out or through dating apps. But some stones can also give you a helping hand! Don't forget: while crystals are not necessarily love at first sight magnets, they can put you in the right frame of mind to fall in love! The lithotherapy of love Not only can stones allow you to meet lovely people, but they can also be useful to couples! Learn to forgive, avoid breakups or ease tensions, you will inevitably find a stone that can help you! 1/5 Rose quartz to bring love into your life Rose quartz is probably THE stone of love in lithotherapy . It brings tenderness and sweetness within a couple , the home or simply everyday life. This stone brings peace and soothes all tensions. So don't hesitate to place it in a room in which you want to avoid any conflict and which you want to transform into a real cocoon of softness. A piece of rose quartz in your living room will ease tensions: but it is probably in your bedroom that we recommend placing the stone of love! Tip: if you leave it near a rock crystal , its power will be increased tenfold... TO SHOP: A rose quartz at L'Atelier Buy Do not hesitate to pass your stone in the smoke of a sprig of sage to clean it. You can then recharge it in the moonlight to restore its full capabilities!

2/5 The rhodonite stone to find love again Do you want to strengthen your relationship? Have a deeper relationship and leave aside the trivialities of everyday life? Rhodonite is for you. This pretty pink and black stone is perfect for building confidence and calming the spirits. It can, for example, allow us to put things into perspective and thus avoid attacks of jealousy . Read also: Which stone to choose based on your astrological sign? She brings real gentleness to relationships because she knows how to calm you down and prevent you from stressing out too much. Don't hesitate to wear it with you, using stone jewelry for example. You can also slip it into your pocket if you're afraid that tempers will get heated. When it has been used enough and you feel that its effect is fading, do not hesitate to clean it with water, then recharge it by placing it on your window sill so that it absorbs the sun's rays. sun.

3/5 The rhodochrosite stone to forget your ex Would you like to finally find love and experience a healthy and fulfilling love story ? Perhaps some blockages are preventing you from moving forward... Rhodochrosite is a protective stone that promotes balance. She brings love into life, but also compassion. It is of great help when old (psychological) wounds reopen. If you feel that you are going through a somewhat difficult period in life, and that you are suffering from one bout of blues, rhodochrosite can help you regain your joy of living. To Buy: A rhodochrosite Buy at L'Atelier To support you during a painful breakup , or choose to open a new chapter in your love life , you can for example take a bath in which a rhodochrosite has been immersed.

4/5 The aquamarine stone to declare your feelings Are you in love but don't know how to express it? Aquamarine will be of great help to you! This stone of creativity is perfect for developing, and controlling, one's sensitivity and the way one shows it. It makes communication more harmonious. It is also a stone that brings serenity and peace around it.

5/5 Moonstone to open your heart

Moonstone is the stone of femininity par excellence! It promotes intuition, which helps harmonize emotions. By reconnecting with your feelings, you will be able to more easily analyze your emotions, and those of others. Moonstone is therefore excellent when you want to reconcile in the event of arguments within your relationship. But this stone is also perfect if you are looking for love ! It eliminates unnecessary fears and anxieties, thus promoting openness to others. It will help you to be less restrained and will thus encourage meetings. You can purify it on a bed of coarse salt, then recharge it in the moonlight. Don't panic: these 5 stones can be found in our store in Menen or online on our site.

You no longer have excuses not to slip them into your pocket!

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